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French villageEver since I was a young girl, I have been mesmerised by fragrance. From trying to turn rose petals from my grandparent’s garden into a perfume or attempting to blend all sorts of flowers, herbs and spices into the elusive fragrance that would capture everyone’s attention, I would stop at nothing in my pursuit of the perfect scent. As I grew older, I became interested in essential oils. After studying Aromatherapy, I moved away from using the flowers from my grandparents’ garden for my blends and started using these instead.

Knowing how good I feel surrounded by the fragrance of essential oils led me to launch Maison Vivi in 2019, combining my love of France and natural fragrances. In this way, I could share the pleasure I feel when surrounded by scent and the power it has to evoke memories in us. I know that even now, if I smell a particular fragrance, I am instantly transported back to the very first holiday I took with my husband. When I close my eyes, I can picture exactly the layout of the room, the colour of the quilt, and the flowers on the table in the charming hotel in the centre of Paris.

Our specially curated blends are all created by hand in our studio in London to take you on an olfactory journey with us, travelling to my favourite places in France. Our products are made with natural coconut blended wax, which, together with our pure essential oil blends, ensures that everything we produce is as clean and natural as possible.

Maison Vivi logoWhen it came to choosing our company’s name, I wanted to reflect both the brand’s French element and the natural products used. ‘Maison’ is French for house, incorporating my love of France. ‘Vivi’ comes from the Latin vīvus, meaning ‘alive’. I feel alive when surrounded by fragrance, and it also perfectly reflects the natural living plant extracts used in our blends. And so, Maison Vivi was created.

Thank you for being part of our story, and I hope you enjoy your journey.



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