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A beautiful ceramic wax melter, made in the UK exclusively for Maison Vivi. Our melter has a removable dish on the top, making it easy to dispose of the wax melts when you have finished with them. We have had the melters created in soft, neutral shades, to enable them to blend seamlessly into any home interior. There are two colours to choose from: a bespoke delicate shade of antique rose or a gentle soft cream. Both colours were created to mimic the feel of soft faded linen curtains that you often see hanging in windows throughout Provence.


Weight: ~480g
Dimensions: H: 15.5cm (including dish) D: 9cm

Please be aware that as each melter is individually made, slight variations in size and colour may occur.


To use your Maison Vivi wax melter safely, you should ensure that you burn no more than one Maison Vivi melt in this at any time, as this will give a good pool of molten wax and ensure that the bowl is not overfilled.

Only ever use small unscented tea lights (ensure this has a maximum of 4 hours burn time) underneath the melter at any time, and never use a maxi sized tea light with this melter. If you use a larger tea light than recommended, not only do you run the risk of burning off the valuable essential oils too quickly, but you run the risk of overheating the melter, which could result in damage.

Once the aroma has faded from the melt you are using, you will need to remove the leftover wax before you can add another scented wax melt to the cleaned dish. The removed wax can be disposed of in your normal household rubbish, where it will gradually decompose naturally.

Do not add in any other fragrance or essential oil to the leftover wax.

Removing wax from the melter
There are a number of ways to remove wax from the melter, the easiest way is to is to blow out the tea light candle, wait until the wax has solidified, then:
  •  As the Maison Vivi melters have been designed to work in harmony with our melts, you should find it is actually very easy to simply lift the edge of the hardened melt away from the cooled dish, using the edge of a spoon and the hardened wax should pop out easily
  •  If you prefer, you can place the removable dish into the freezer for around 10 minutes, this will help the wax to shrink from the dish and the cold wax will then be able to be removed easily for disposal. If using this method for removing wax melts, always ensure that you allow the dish to return to room temperature before using with a new melt, or it may crack from the heat of the tea light
  • Once you have removed the old melt, wipe your used dish with a damp cloth/paper towel and ensure it is dry before adding a new scent to the melter
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