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Wax melt care

Always keep wax melts and burners out of reach of children and pets

To use your wax melts safely;
  • Ensure that your wax melter is specifically designed for wax melts (at least 10cm distance from flame to dish if using a non electric melter). Using a melter that is too small can quickly cause the valuable essential oils to evaporate, meaning your melt will only offer scent for a short period of time, instead of the average time as shown for each melt
  • Always use wax melters on a heat resistant surface
  • Place one wax melt into the dish (or half if the dish is small/shallow, to ensure that you do not overfill your bowl)
  • Never mix 2 or more different scented wax melts together
  • Always use wax melters within sight and never leave unattended
  • If you are using an electric melter, ensure that you locate this in a safe place, being careful to avoid the cord hanging over the edge of a table or counter, and make sure the cord itself is not in contact with any hot surfaces
  • Never use wax melters within reach of children or pets
  • The body of melters will become hot during use, do not touch when in use
  • Do not try to move the melter until it has cooled completely and the wax has solidified
  • Keep the wax clear of dust and debris at all times
  • Only ever use one small unscented tea light (if using a non electric melter) and ensure that the tea light has a maximum of 4 hour burn time
  • Use a melter for no more than 4 hours at any one time
  • After removing a used melt, always wipe your used dish with a damp cloth/paper towel and ensure it is dry before adding a new scent to the melter
  • To avoid deterioration and protect the integrity of the essential oils in the product, store the melts in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and don’t mix melts in the same bag/storage space, as this can result in contamination of aromas from the different melts
  • To get the best aroma and therapeutic benefit from the melts use within 6 months of purchase
  • Never allow water/oil or any other liquid to come into contact with the wax melt
  • Wax melts are not suitable for consumption – keep out of reach of children and pets

Replacing the wax melt

Our wax melts are created to provide their scent for between 8-16 hours (see individual packs for specific timings). This does not mean that the wax will disappear after this time, simply that the scent will no longer be present, as the oils will have evaporated due to the heat. Once the scent has faded from the melt, you will need to remove the leftover wax before you can add another melt to your melter. The removed wax can be disposed of in your normal household rubbish. Do not add in any other fragrance or essential oil to the leftover wax.

There are a number of ways to remove wax from the melter, the easiest way is to is to blow out the tea light candle, wait until the wax has solidified, then:

  • If you are using our wax melts with one of our Maison Vivi melters, you should find it is actually very easy to simply lift the edge of the hardened melt away from the cooled melter (using the edge of a spoon) and the hardened wax will pop out easily
  • Or place the dish (if it is a removable one) into the freezer for around 10 minutes, this will help the wax to shrink from the container, then simply pop it out for disposal. If using this method for removing wax melts, always ensure that you allow the dish to return to room temperature before using with a new melt, or it may crack from the heat of the tea light
  • If you are using an electric melter, or your melter does not have a removable dish, the best way to remove the wax cleanly, is to switch off the power, or blow out the tea light candle and wait until the wax has just finished solidifying. You should then be able to remove the remaining wax with the edge of a spoon or wipe it out using a piece of kitchen paper

If you require any further information, please contact our Customer Service team:

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