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Only the highest-quality pure French lavender oil, sourced from the lavender fields in the Provençal region of France, is used in Maison Vivi blends.
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"The aroma of Maison de Maître enveloped me in tranquility"

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Home fragrance

Home fragrance

Maison Vivi artisan home fragrance products are specially curated to awaken a feeling of a time and place in France. They are all made with our own unique pure essential oils blends created by us in our studio in London.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients

Our products contain only two main components; our unique pure essential oil blends and wax. All the raw ingredients we use are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

Fragrance creation

Fragrance creation

How we create our fragrance blends

We begin with a memory of a particular time and place in France that we want the fragrance to recreate for us. After deciding on the French feeling we want to focus on, we carefully choose a selection of essential oils that will support this based on the benefits we wish to create for our customers. You can read more about our fragrance journey in our journal post here.

Our promise

Our promise

Reducing our footprint

Maison Vivi is committed to minimising our footprint on the world as much as possible. To find out more about what we’re doing, from our natural waxes and oils, through to our recyclable packaging, including our OEKO-TEX® certified hand made linen bags read our journal here



Our safety standards

We are committed to ensuring that our products are the safest on the market for our customers. As part of that commitment, we are members of the British Candlemakers Federation (BCF). Membership of the BCF ensures that we keep up to date with all the relevant legislation surrounding fragranced products. You can read more about all the safety standards we adopt here.

How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed in life? For me, I practise meditation every day. I genuinely feel so rejuvenated after a session; even 10 minutes can make a huge difference🧘🏼⁠

I did find it challenging to 'quieten' the noise in my head to begin with though, I'd be thinking about what to cook that evening, had I replied to this email, had I paid the bills etc. Rather than struggle with this constant noise and potentially give up, I downloaded some nature 🌿sounds on my phone and used these to help me start. The sounds helped me forget about everything else and let me focus on my breathing instead, and the rest just fell into place. ⁠

If you want to give it a go and you're not sure where to start, try listening to some nature sounds yourself or begin with a guided meditation. There are many meditation apps to choose from; I found @insighttimer to be the best for me. They have over 10,000 free meditations to choose from, so you should find something to suit you! The company hasn't paid me, by the way; I genuinely use the app and have found it to be beneficial and wanted to share it with you all.⁠

What about you; have you tried meditation, or do you prefer another form of relaxation?✨⁠

#meditate #reset #relax

Now the new fragrance has been revealed; we thought you'd like to hear a little about the inspiration behind this.⁠

The fragrance is based on a stunningly converted ancient watermill that lies hidden amongst almost 20 acres of woodland in the heart of the Dordogne valley. The mill has been transformed into three incredibly luxurious apartments, with wellness at the heart of the experience. The River Dronne flows through the grounds, and when the only sounds to break into your thoughts are the birdsong and gentle rolling water, you can't help but feel at peace. Everything about the place is so magical and overwhelmingly restful; being so close to nature 🌿 it really is a perfect place to reset yourself.⁠

We drew on these memories to create the mood board for our newest fragrance. Photos of the river, a delicate illustration of a plant, alongside soft, restful shades of green are all reminiscent of the mill and nature as a whole. All of these elements helped to inspire the fragrance, which we wanted to be grounding and restorative, like a relaxing day in the sun. ⁠

We hope you like it as much as we do✨⁠

#newfragrance #newproduct #natural

✨Introducing our new fragrance✨⁠

Taking inspiration from a beautifully converted watermill deep in the heart of the Dordogne, our newest product, Le Moulin Tranquille, is revealed. ⁠

Our latest fragrance is a complex blend of essential oils, combining the bold and woody aroma of Vetiver mixed with the warming, exotic creaminess of Ylang Ylang with a whisper of fresh citrus. It's a wonderfully rich, warming aroma, reminiscent of a relaxing day in the sun.⁠

Candles and our wax discs are available to purchase now✨⁠

#lemoulin #tranquility #newfragrance

Last clue for our new fragrance.⁠ ⁠

Comment below with your guess and one person will be chosen at random to receive one of the new products.✨⁠

#newproductlaunch #giveaway #tranquil

Sit in the sun☀️ and let the worries of the world wash over you...any closer to guessing our new fragrance?✨⁠

#newproduct #newproductlaunch #natural

A new day and something new is coming...any guesses?✨⁠

#newfragrance #newproduct #natural

Did you know that today is National Quiet Day? ⁠

Time to take a moment for ourselves and indulge in a little sanctuary by enjoying some silence in our increasingly hectic world 🤫⁠

I make sure to enjoy a little quiet every day, whether through meditation 🧘🏼or yoga (always whilst using one of our melts in the background). I find it really helps set me up for the day ahead, and I really miss it when I haven't managed to fit it into my day for whatever reason.⁠

Do you manage to find some time each day and enjoy some peace and quiet for yourself?✨⁠

#silence #naturalcandle #nationalquietday

Maison de Maître was one of the first fragrances we ever created and remains a firm favourite at HQ.⁠

Just like our first candle, we're proud to say that all our artisan candles are;⁠

1. Made with our own unique pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends⁠
2. Made with a natural coconut blended wax & high-quality cotton wicks⁠
3. Designed to burn for approx 30-35 hours burn time⁠
4. Free from animal testing⁠
5. Completely free of mineral oils, parabens and contain no additives⁠

Do you have a favourite? ✨⁠

#naturalcandle #essentialoils #ethical

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