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Luxury natural fragrances

using our unique blends of pure essential oils, taking you on a journey through France

Only the highest-quality pure French lavender oil, sourced from the lavender fields in the Provençal region of France, is used in Maison Vivi blends.
What our customers say...

"The aroma of Maison de Maître enveloped me in tranquility"

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Home fragrance

Home fragrance

Maison Vivi artisan home fragrance products are specially curated to awaken a feeling of a time and place in France. They are all made with our own unique pure essential oils blends created by us in our studio in London.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients

Our products contain only two main components; our unique pure essential oil blends and wax. All the raw ingredients we use are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

Fragrance creation

Fragrance creation

How we create our fragrance blends

We begin with a memory of a particular time and place in France that we want the fragrance to recreate for us. After deciding on the French feeling we want to focus on, we carefully choose a selection of essential oils that will support this based on the benefits we wish to create for our customers. You can read more about our fragrance journey in our journal post here.

Our promise

Our promise

Reducing our footprint

Maison Vivi is committed to minimising our footprint on the world as much as possible. To find out more about what we’re doing, from our natural waxes and oils, through to our recyclable packaging, including our OEKO-TEX® certified hand made linen bags read our journal here



Our safety standards

We are committed to ensuring that our products are the safest on the market for our customers. As part of that commitment, we are members of the British Candlemakers Federation (BCF). Membership of the BCF ensures that we keep up to date with all the relevant legislation surrounding fragranced products. You can read more about all the safety standards we adopt here.

How I long to be able to jump in that pool right now to cool off. Instead, I’m ‘glowing’ in London 🥵 and trying hard not to let the latest batch of natural candles melt in the heat!

If you’re ever looking to visit the Dordogne, you can’t go wrong by staying at this beautiful home @lemanoirdf It has everything you could ever wish for in a holiday ☀️😎🌻🏊‍♂️⛲️and the hosts are just gorgeous. What’s not to like?

Hope you’re keeping cool wherever you are at the moment! ✨

#holidays #frenchholidays🇫🇷 #naturalscents

The window is open on a new week! ⁠

Haven't we been spoilt these past few days with the weather? Although we've had glorious sunshine, I still long for the day when we can travel freely again, and we can head to France and have coffee and croissant in a little café in a quiet little square off the beaten track. Until then, I will be happy with my memories instead. ⁠

I hope you all have a great week, and keep an eye out on our feed for a fab giveaway coming soon✨⁠

#monday #sunshine #naturalscents #maisonvivicandles

Are you finding it hot in the city at the moment?⁠

Whilst our Parisian Nights fragrance won't cool you down, but with its seductive blend of calming and soothing essential oils, it does contribute to relaxation. Just add in a chilled glass of your favourite tipple 🥂⁠

Have a great evening and stay cool✨⁠

#hotinthecity #summernights #naturalscents #maisonvivicandles

The sun is beautiful right now, and whilst we may not actually be in France, nobody said we couldn't daydream about it now, did they? ⁠

I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday and enjoying some sun wherever you are ✨⁠

#sunshine #france #monday #natural scents⁠

We may not be allowed to travel freely right now, so why not take an olfactory journey with us instead? Join us as we travel to the south of France at sunset when the Ochre sun gradually dims its light over Provence🌄⁠

The blending of Bergamot with creamy, exotic Ylang Ylang in our Sunset in Provence candle transforms the usually herbaceous Lavender into something warmer and slightly spicy, creating a fragrance reminiscent of a hot summer night. Perfect whenever you need a boost… or a quick trip to the South of France.⁠

What about you, where would you travel to if you could?✨⁠

#holiday #provence #sunsetinprovence #naturalcandles


We hope you're having a fabulous bank holiday; we've certainly been blessed with the sunshine.⁠

Don't forget there is 20% off everything until midnight tonight, including our gorgeous aromatherapy wax discs.⁠

Use code MAY20 at checkout to make sure you don't miss out✨⁠

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A little known fact about me; I can't walk past attractive doors without taking a photo! Does anyone else do this? I drive my family mad with the constant stopping to take pics, but when the door, the stone and the sunlight combine, who couldn't stop to take a photo?📸⁠

I hope you're having a wonderful day, and if you have any interesting doors to share, please add a pic below, I'd love to see them✨⁠

#aboutme #facts #doorsofinsta #lovedoors ⁠


We hope you all have a great weekend. To make it even better, we're offering 20% off everything until midnight Monday 31st May.

Use code MAY20 at checkout✨

#discount #bankholidaydiscount #naturalscents

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