Luxury natural fragrances
using our unique blends of pure essential oils, taking you on a journey through France
Only the highest-quality pure French lavender oil, sourced from the lavender fields in the Provençal region of France, is used in Maison Vivi blends.
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"The aroma of Maison de Maître enveloped me in tranquility"

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Home fragrance

Home fragrance

Maison Vivi artisan home fragrance products are specially curated to awaken a feeling of a time and place in France. They are all made with our own unique pure essential oils blends created by us in our studio in London.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients

Our products contain only two main components; our unique pure essential oil blends and wax. All the raw ingredients we use are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

Fragrance creation

Fragrance creation

How we create our fragrance blends

We begin with a memory of a particular time and place in France that we want the fragrance to recreate for us. After deciding on the French feeling we want to focus on, we carefully choose a selection of essential oils that will support this based on the benefits we wish to create for our customers. You can read more about our fragrance journey in our journal post here.

Our promise

Our promise

Reducing our footprint

Maison Vivi is committed to minimising our footprint on the world as much as possible. To find out more about what we’re doing, from our natural waxes and oils, through to our recyclable packaging, including our OEKO-TEX® certified hand made linen bags read our journal here



Our safety standards

We are committed to ensuring that our products are the safest on the market for our customers. As part of that commitment, we are members of the British Candlemakers Federation (BCF). Membership of the BCF ensures that we keep up to date with all the relevant legislation surrounding fragranced products. You can read more about all the safety standards we adopt here.

"Perfume is a story in odour. Sometimes poetry in memory." – Jean Claude Ellena. ⁠

This quote perfectly sums up precisely what Maison Vivi is all about. I have aimed to capture my memories of travelling through the most scenic French landscapes whilst enjoying all the fantastic art in the country to share them with you in the form of our signature fragrance creations.⁠

Experience the beauty of the landscapes and art yourself, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home, with every breath you take of Maison Vivi's home fragrances. Have you tried them yet?✨⁠

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Don’t blow your candle out! 🌬️⁠

Do you blow out your candles when you want to put them out? We never suggest this as a method for extinguishing candles to our customers, but why, I hear you ask? -⁠

🔸Blowing a candle out can cause the wax to splash all over the surface (and wall) where you have placed your candle⁠

🔸Blowing out candles can force the wick down, causing it to become buried within the molten wax, making it virtually impossible to relight⁠

🔸Blowing out a candle which is in a glass container (like Maison Vivi candles) can result in unsightly soot on the container itself, resulting in subsequent burns not burning cleanly⁠

So now you know why you shouldn't blow your candle out, what exactly should you do next time you want to finish burning your candle? -⁠

🔸If you have a candle lid, place it on top of the jar, using it to starve the flame of oxygen. This is a fantastic and quick way to extinguish candles⁠

🔸Alternatively, try using a candle snuffer (which can be purchased on our website or through other online retailers or local stores)⁠

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about looking after your candles✨⁠

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Get a head start on your Christmas shopping with a 50% discount🎄⁠

I love Christmas, but I hate feeling overwhelmed, so I like to try and get all the shopping out of the way by the end of October if possible. Then I can enter December like a little Christmas tree fairy, making cards, wrapping gifts, decorating the house, listening to cheesy Christmas songs, and burning some wonderful candles (if I say so myself!).⁠

So if you're like me and like to finish shopping early, take advantage of our sale, which gives you a massive 50% off all of our current white candles whilst stocks last. Just enter code WINTER at checkout and finish your Christmas shopping early (and perhaps a treat for you too).✨⁠

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Are you a free spirit?⁠

Complement your boho lifestyle with our bohemian-inspired fragrance' L'atelier de l'artiste'. ⁠

The sweet, spicy, and smoky aroma of patchouli is blended with an exciting splash of bergamot and neroli in our signature blend. We like to refer to 'L’atelier de l’artiste' fragrance as the scent of the free spirit. ⁠

Have you tried it yet?✨⁠

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Have you heard of 'poor man's jasmine?'⁠

That would be Ylang ylang to those in the know. For many years, this quite unappealing tendrilled flower was known as the poor man's Jasmine, because it has so many similarities with its aroma but came in at a much cheaper price bracket. ⁠

Nowadays, however, this unassuming little flower is at the top of the price scale for perfume ingredients and it's not hard to see why. Each tree provides around 10 kilos of flowers, and to produce one kilo of essential oil you need approximately 400 kilos of flowers!⁠

Ylang Ylang is an exotic, intense, rich fragrance and is regarded among top perfumers as one of the more 'aphrodisiac' sensual notes in their repertoire. Indeed, the creator of the iconic 'Chanel No 5' has said that he couldn't have created the perfume without the help of Ylang ylang.⁠

In the same way, that the Chanel perfumer needed this beautiful oil to help create Chanel No 5, we also use it to help tether the oils used in most of our signature blends. ⁠

Have you tried any of our candles yet?✨⁠

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One of the things I love about creating fragrances is making memories while doing so.⁠

This summer, we were able to return to the beautiful country of France. It was the first time we’ve been able to have an actual holiday since the start of the pandemic; as expected, it did not disappoint. ⁠

Although the temperatures were soaring when we were there, we did thankfully have a lovely pool to help cool us down. Never one for totally relaxing on the job though, we were also there taking lots of photos for inspiration 📸⁠

What about you, do you have any plans for the holidays, or have you already had a break? ⁠

Let us know below; we love to hear from you✨⁠

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What is aromatherapy?🌿⁠

Aromatherapy is both an art and science that involves blending naturally aromatic plant extracts to create products that balance, harmonise, and promote the health of the body, mind, and spirit. ⁠

Our range of signature blended fragranced candles inspired by the landscapes of France, not only offer therapeutic aromas to help create balance in our lives, but they also allow the user to travel to the most scenic French locations through the power of scent alone.⁠

Have you tried them yet?✨⁠

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Let's talk pyramids! ⁠

No, we're not talking about the Louvre pyramid in Paris as shown in the photo, or even the ones in Egypt; we're talking fragrance pyramids!⁠

How would you describe your favourite perfume? You may say it has a hint of citrus, mixed with a floral aroma or something spicy. In analysing your perfume in this way, you are in fact referring to what is called the fragrance pyramid, which is made up of 3 layers. ⁠

First, you have a 'top' note, which is a vivid, energetic scent and is the one we smell first, and will be initially attracted to, or turned off by, depending on the aroma. It is usually light citrus or another light fragrance which is the first to wear off, giving a smooth transition into the next layer.⁠

'Heart' or 'middle' notes make up the next layer and are essentially considered the personality or soul of a fragrance. They are often floral, such as jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang etc, although sometimes, they can also contain some of the lighter spicy fragrances.⁠

The bottom of the pyramid is the most intense part of the fragrance and is usually filled with warming, earthy, or spicy 'base' notes, such as patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetivert etc. These notes are the foundation of a fragrance, they linger for the longest time and tether the whole fragrance together.⁠

Discover the fragrance pyramid for each Maison Vivi candle, under the Fragrance story on our website for every fragrance✨⁠

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